About Jade Hunt

Jade Hunt isn’t just about jewelry; it’s about a journey. Our story began with two friends bound by a shared fascination for jade. Their adventure started in Big Sur, California, scouring local beaches, discovering gemstones that whispered of ancient tales and eternal beauty. From humble beach-combing beginnings, they progressed, investing in tools, procuring jade, crafting jewelry, and launching it online in 2010. Jade Hunt has since evolved, but the essence remains. Today, we stand as a global marketplace, a nexus where artists spotlight their unique jade masterpieces, sharing their passion with the world.

Our Legacy

The beaches of Big Sur witnessed the inception of Jade Hunt. Founded by two enthusiasts, our platform was envisioned as an online marketplace, curating the world’s most exquisite jade pieces. This venture, fueled by years in the jade sphere, cultivated connections with global artisans and suppliers. It’s these relationships that empower us to bring you unparalleled jade treasures.

Craftsmanship on Display

Our gallery is a testament to artistry. It parades diverse jade jewelry, from elegant bangles and mesmerizing pendants to statement rings and delicate earrings. Every creation is the result of artisans whose lineage has been steeped in jade craft, each piece echoing stories of generations. Spanning shades from verdant greens to ethereal lavenders and pristine whites, our collection offers choices to resonate with every individual aesthetic. And our nod to men’s elegance isn’t forgotten; our repertoire extends to jade cufflinks, rings, and accessories crafted with masculine finesse.

The Jade Hunt Promise: Authenticity and Excellence

Quality isn’t a mere word; it’s our ethos. We appreciate the depth of trust you place in us. Each jade piece, before becoming a part of our collection, undergoes a stringent inspection for color, clarity, and artistry. This diligence ensures the authenticity and superior quality of every item, echoing our promise to you.

Beyond Transactions: An Experience

Your journey with Jade Hunt isn’t confined to a purchase. We’re dedicated to ensuring an immersive shopping experience, fortified by secure payment avenues, swift shipping, and a dedicated customer support brigade, ready to assist. Our vision? A seamless, enriching jade jewelry exploration for you.

Dive into our jade universe, relish the art, and embrace the legacy. With Jade Hunt, you’re not just buying jewelry; you’re becoming a part of a story. Thank you for letting us be your compass in the world of premium jade jewelry.

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