Fine Jade Jewelry and Jade Stone Art

Faux Jade

“Faux Jade” is another

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word given to fake jades. This term can be used to describe a variety of minerals, primarily serpentine, which are sold as true jade.

Jade that is called “New Jade”, “Korean Jade”, “Olive Jade” and “Suzhou Jade” are all terms given to serpentine. “Transvaal Jade” is really a different mineral altogether and is grossularite.

Some sources

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like Jade History claim that even jade called “Canadian Jade” is really serpentine but many sources of jade have been found in British Columbia including prime green specimens of Nephrite. says that there are many other stones that vendors try to pass as true jade. These are actually carnelian, aventurine quartz, glass, grossularite, Vesuvianite, soapstone and even Australian Chrysoprase.

It also goes on to explain that there is a faux or fake jade that is called “Peace Jade” which is a mixture of serpentine, stichtite and quartz.

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