Fine Jade Jewelry and Jade Stone Art

What is Jade?

“In ancient times,” said Confucius, “men found the likeness of all excellent qualities in jade. Soft, smooth, and glossy, it appeared to them like benevolence; fine, compact and strong – like intelligence; angular, but not sharp and cutting – like righteousness.”

What is Jade?

Jade is a stone of immense beauty and of many uses. It is said that a Chinese emperor once offered 15 cities for a single jade carving he could hold in the palm of his hand. Montezuma smiled when he heard that Cortez was only interested in his gold, since Montezuma’s most precious possession was jade.

Jade is a type of stone found in nature. It varies in color, size, and silicate mineral amounts which determine if the stone is Jadeite or Nephrite.

Wikipedia defines jade as an ornamental stone. An ornamental stone is one that is known for its beauty and decorative purposes. The term jade is applied to two different rocks that are made up of different silicate minerals. Nephrite jade consists of the calcium and magnesium-rich amphibole mineral actinolite (aggregates of which also make up one form of asbestos). This differs from Jadeite which is primarily a sodium-aluminum silicate. Jade is a historical stone, yet it has transcended through centuries and today is still regarded as a valuable ornamental stone.

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Jadeite and Nephrite – The Two Jades

Jade is a name that we give to two different metamorphic stones; Jadeite and Nephrite. Each is composed of different silicate minerals. The distinction between jadeite and nephrite was made in the late 1700’s when there was sufficient scientific knowledge to find the subtle differences between the two stones. Nephrite is the original jade and the most famous in Chinese Jade history, the “Stone of Heaven” to bless all that which it touched. Some examples of Nephrite come out of a great number of locations such as China (though its reportedly mined out of), Canada and various areas in the United States. Jadeite is usually more pure of a stone and is famous for its gem variety. Jadeite is extremely rare in comparison to Nephrite and as such is considered more valuable.

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History of Jade

As early as 3000 B.C. jade was known in China as “Yu,” or the “Royal Gem.” In China jade has had special significance in the long history of the art and culture of the Chinese empire. Its value to the Chinese was comparable to that of gold and diamonds in the west.

Historically it has been used as material for weapons and tools because of its superior toughness. The fibers of this stone are extremely dense, making it vary valuable as a tool because it is not easily worn down. The toughness of its fibers make the stone unique because many pieces of Jade are completely transparent. Jade has also been used for the finest objects from figurines to grave furnishings for the imperial families.

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The earliest history documented of jade began with Nephrite Jade. Nephrite Jade is the most common of the two jades. Nephrite Jade is the true “Stone of Heaven” and the Chinese considered it more precious and reverent than any other thing on earth because it was considered extremely virtuous.

Confusius explained how the Chinese viewed jade by explaining how
“The wise have likened jade to virtue. For them, its polish and brilliancy

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represent the whole of purity; its perfect compactness and extreme hardness represent the sureness of intelligence; its angles, which do not cut, although they seem sharp, represent justice; the pure and prolonged sound, which it gives forth when one strikes it, represents music. Its color represents loyalty; its interior flaws, always showing themselves through the transparency, call to mind sincerity; its iridescent brightness represents heaven; its admirable substance, born of mountain and of water, represents the earth. Used alone without ornamentation it represents chastity. The price that the entire world attaches to it represents the truth. To support these comparisons, the Book of Verse says: ‘When I think of a wise man, his merits appear to be like jade.'”

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Scientific Properties of Jade

Jadeite Nephrite
Chemical Composition NaAlSi2O6

Sodium Aluminum Silicate


A variety of actinolite

Mineral Type Pyroxene Amphibole
Fracture Granular Splintery
Luster Glossy or pearly Vitreous or silky
Hardness 6.5~7 (Harder than steel) 6~6.5 (Harder than steel)
Refractive Index 1.66 1.60-1.62
Specific Gravity Approximately
3.3 – 3.5 (Above average for translucent minerals)

Burma/Myanamar, Russia,

Russia, United States, South Korea,
New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan

Silicate Mineral Silicate Mineral

* Best Field Indicators: Toughness, green color, density, flame test
and hardness.

Metaphysical and Other Properties of Jade

The metaphysical properties of jade can vary by its color and type (either Nephrite or Jadite). You can find more specific information on their corosponding pages found in the menu under “Jade Color”.

  • Chakra: Third Eye, Soma (varies depending on color)
  • Zodiak Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra (Jadeite Aries, Nephrite Libra)
  • Planet: Venus
  • Benificial for: Longetivity, self-sufficiancy, detoxification, filtration, elimination, supraneal glands, cellular and skeletal systems, stitches, fertility, childbirth, hips, spleen, water-salt-alkaline ratio Good luck stone, prosperity, deep wisdom, compassion, peace, balancing of male/female energies, courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony, serenity, wisdom, practicality, tranquility, balance, harmony, moderation, perspective, equilibrium and stability, knowledge, compassion, wealth
  • Physical: Heart. Hips. Kidneys. Spleen. Healthy hair, thymus, immune, cleansing blood, nervous system. Vibrates to the number 11
  • Element: Water Jade has been used as a scared stone for centuries.

Used for serenity, wisdom, balance, all things associated with the best of spiritual practices. This gem stone is the ultimate symbol of calm and serenity. It helps bring serenity to the mind by releasing negative thoughts. A stone of balance and healing, it alleviates anxiety and fear based emotions. Vibrates in harmony with the Heart Chakra unlike any other stone. Opens up the heart Chakra to love energy . – – viagra online canada – canadian drug pharmacy –
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  • Spirituality: Jade is said to encourage self-realization and help us to recognize ourselves as spiritual beings.
  • Longevity: For almost a thousand years, jade has been worshiped and ingested for its life-extending powers, believed to bring the holder a long and fruitful life .
  • Luck:Know as a good luck and prosperity charm for centuries. Detachment: Helps you to be calm and accept your surroundings for what they are, instilling a sense of detachment to the chaos, and not claiming it for your own.
  • Discernment: Jade helps the wearer to sense the truth in all situations. Dreams: Helps one with remember their dreams, and provide help with dream-solving. Aids dream recall if placed under pillow.
  • Desires: Also helps you in bringing your dreams into reality, and in making all things possible.
  • Love Stone: Jade is given by lovers as a statement of their love and devotion to each other, and used in lovemaking for its known erotic properties and the enhancement of sexual performance.
  • Humanitarian: Jade helps you to tune into the needs of others, rising above yourself, and gives you insight into their problems.
  • Priorities: Helps you to put things in the proper perspective, and focus on the primary concerns for today.
  • Confidence: Jade assists in self assurance, self reliance, and self sufficiency. Jade has long been a sacred stone.

It was often included with Chinese grave goods to give vitality to the deceased. It was also often used for “weather magic” to call up snow, mist and rain. A protector against danger for children, Jade can undo physical harm. It is also a symbol of purity, serenity, and nuturing and is a “dream stone”.

Placed on the soma chakra it can bring insightful dreams.

Jade symbolizes the personality and helps to integrate mind and body. Jade encourages you to become who you really are, recognizing yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey.

Jade is the “prince of peace” and tranquility. It acts quietly as a consciousness raiser of human development.

Jade dispels negativity by the constant emission of soothing and cleaning vibrations.

Jade symbolizes the Confucian virtues of wisdom, compassion, modesty, justice and courage as well as the female erotic.

The mysteries of Jade are ancient and to this day jade still persists to mystify admirers with its unique qualities as the “Stone of Heaven”. Jade is believed to bring its wearer good health, good luck and protection. For this reason Jade is considered priceless as it stands for the essence of purity and the symbol of life. Jade also helps to calm one down. It helps you to accept things that are difficult in your life and makes things appear to go much smoother than they really are. It keeps you from disconnecting from your inner peace. Jade is a stone that helps you to realize the needs of others. It is also good for helping you to understand what is of

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