Fine Jade Jewelry and Jade Stone Art

Jade Rings

Jade rings (or “Yuhuan” in Chinese) are a symbol of eternal and everlasting love.

Jade is the perfect material for rings. For the best display of jade rings we suggest looking for jade with gold or white gold. The addition of diamonds also help this gemstone stone shine. Some of the best looking rings with jade are displayed with double or triple bands which help attract the eye to the brilliance of the majestic stone.

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Jade adds a slight brilliant shine of color to minerals it comes into contact with, enhancing the color of the gold of a ring.

The Value of a Jade Ring

Jade is far different than your normal diamond rings. Today diamonds symbolize wealth, durability, status, and peerless quality. Jade, however, is a real treasure

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and symbolizes love and sentimental value. Jade is a true gift from the heart.

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Jade as a Wedding Ring

Using jade as a wedding ring is an ancient tradition and can be traced all the way back to the wedding traditions of the Egyptians. Long ago, before medals were discovered and used for jewlery, jade rings were made of braided grass, ivory, leather and bone.

Today we use medals such as yellow or white gold and platinum.

Symbolism of Jade

Jade is a stone used for healing the heart and is therefore an amazing choice as a love stone. It brings wisdom, gives protection and attracts prosperity to its wearer.

When lovers exchange jade it binds their love.

Jade is considered the eternal stone. Giving a jade ring is an everlasting gift of love.

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