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Jade Necklace

Like most necklaces, jade necklaces are found through a wide variety of designs. There are jade beads that can be strung like pearls to fit the neck, jade pendants that dangle from chains or ropes, and even a classic Chinese jade necklace consisting of a red string looped through a Bi Pi Disc of jade.

A Bi Pi Disc is a doughnut-like shape where the piece of jade is more flat than a nugget and is carved into a hollow circle.

There are various forms of the beaded jade necklace. There are some necklaces strung with different colored jade beads which bring variety and liveliness to the necklace.

Then there is the continuous strand of the same

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color jade, be it white, green, or black jade. Jade pendants can be found in many necklaces, some sharing the same strand with other stones or metals to form appealing designs.

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There are also simple designs with jade to accommodate both males and females where a jade nugget will be the only stone hanging from a piece of black waxed cord.

In China, it is extremely common to see people wearing jade as jewelry,

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be it a jade bangle, earrings, or the jade Bi Pi Disc on a red string dangling around their neck. It is common to see jade necklaces on the Chinese because not only do they believe that the stone is more valuable than gold, but their superstitions insinuate jade as a magnet to health, luck, prosperity, and safety.

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China is not the only place where you see people wear jade necklaces. South America, North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia are just a few continents and countries where a large portion of the populations not only appreciate jade but wear jade necklaces on a regular basis. For instance, if you head to the central coast of California you will find men and women of all ages wearing nuggets of Big Sur jade hanging from chains or black cord.

South American jade as well as New Zealand jade is often carved into intricate designs that are delicately strung around different necklace materials that are worn by both men and women.

Like any piece of jade, be it a small gem or a large monument, jade necklaces range in price from twenty dollars to close to one million dollars. For instance The Bead Site recorded “a jadeite necklace of thirty beads sold at Christie’s Hong Kong for $942,308, or $31,410 per bead” in April, 1998.

The price not only depends on the value of the actual piece of jadeite or nephrite but also the labor and work put into the piece of jade. The various designs and detail can take weeks to perfect along with cleaning and polishing.

Jade necklaces are very popular around the globe for men, women, and children.

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