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Green Jade

Green jade symbolizes calmness and serenity, just as many green objects in nature do. Like a meadow or forest, green jade is thought as a channel for one to release negative thoughts and welcome positivity and harmony to the mind and body.

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Green jade is the most common type of jade. Ranging from a plethora of shades such as emerald, spinach and lime green, this green stone is held in the highest regard when referencing any type of jade. When people are looking for a beautiful ring or necklace they know they will get something stunning with the natural beauty in it. It”s the kind stone which can look really dressy if you were to wear a pair of jade earrings to the opera yet it wouldn”t look out of place if worn at home while you play free bingo on the computer or while watching TV. There is something so unique and stunning about it as a stone. If you take a look in our jewelery shop you will see for yourself just how beautiful jade can be.

green jade

A large piece of green jade. Picture owned by {link:}Pacific Jade Hunt{/link}

The vibrations from the pokies online green jade stone are said to be in such harmony with the Heart Chakra more than any other stone. The emerald-green form of jadeite is known as “Imperial Jade,” and is considered a more valuable form of jadeite because of the clarity and vibrance of the emerald color.

Green jade is most associated with Chinese nephrite and jadite stones, but it is also found in New Zealand, Russia, Guatemala, Swiss Alps, Myanmar (Burma), United States, and Canada.

Historically, a pure-green jade gem was considered extremely valuable and has transcended through time as it is considered just as precious today.

According to, “The connoisseurs differentiate between seven main qualities, from the intense, even green of imperial jade, via apple green and spinach green, all the way to the lighter and to more heavily speckled shades of green. These special nuances often overlap and can hardly be recognised by the untrained eye. In the USA and Europe, emerald green, spinach green, and apple green are regarded as particularly valuable.”

Metaphysical Properties and Meaning of Green Jade

green jade structure

A close up of green jade's structure. Picture owned by {link:}Pacific Jade Art{/link}.

Hardness: 6

Chakra (of Green Jade): Heart

Zodiac: Vergo

Planet: Mercury

Beneficial for: Good luck, serenity, harmony, balance, tranquility, love, fidelity, prosperity, compassion, peace, balancing masculine and feminine energies, fertility, stability, emotional balance, and deep wisdom

Green: The color of healing and hope green for the management of passionate feelings

Chakra (of the color green): The Heart Chakra: In the Chakra system green is the heart, allowing you to release emotionally supressed trauma. This is the soul/heart consciousness. It also allows the expression of love in action.

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