Fine Jade Jewelry and Jade Stone Art

Canadian Jade/ British-Columbian Jade

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1970″s to present, Canada has been the largest exporter of high quality nephrite jade. It all starts with Kirk Makepeace; the owner of Canada”s jade mines. Polar, Ogden, and Kutcho are all names of Kirk”s mining sites; Polar being the most recognized name for nephrite jade because of its quality and translucency. Amazingly, all of the jade mines are located in some of the harshest remote areas of British Columbia, Canada. The Polar site is located 120 miles north-east from Juneau, Alaska! Getting the jade from the mine site to civilization a hundred unpaved miles away is still the hardest process for Canada”s jade. In a short 1-2 month online pokies season, when snow is not covering the jade sites; Kirk Makepeace”s team go to work taking “core” samples(a long hollowed diamond tipped drill bit that removes a cylindrical jade sample) of all the jade newly discovered, or slicing a part of the jade boulder creating a “window” to see inside. Core sampling and slabbing the jade boulders help to recognize which boulders are worthy. With huge off road terrain vehicles, the jade is transported to Vancouver where in a field of jade boulders; international buyers mark which boulders they want. Most of Canada”s jade is exported to China and Taiwan in rough, multi-ton jade boulders. At their destination, the well trained jade carvers turn Canada”s jade into masterful carvings, jewelry, and beads to be sold as Chinese jade on the Asian and world markets. Kirk Makepeace is the king of Nephrite, setting the market value for jade world wide.

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