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Each piece of jade we sell is 100% unique and once it is sold, it's gone forever. If something you like is no longer available (or if you would like something specifically made just for you) please contact us, we do make custom jade jewelry.

Incredible Big Sur Blue-Green Whale Tail Carving

Living close to the California’s coastline; one notices the migrations of birds and marine life. The migrating whales are spectacular to see. Carved for the awareness of whales, this Big Sur jade whale tail is a symbolic reminder. This beautiful an incredible Big Sur jade piece was locally hand carved and polished and strung on […]


RARE – Beautiful White Bubble Jade Necklace

Bubble jade is very unique and highly prized especially to the jade hunter. Coming from Big Sur this white bubble jade necklace is one of a kind! Seed beads and sterling silver findings on steel wire make up this beautiful necklace. The name ‘bubble jade’ refers to describing the ‘grape like’jade nodules making up the […]


Natural Sea-Polished Big Sur Gem

On a handmade necklace of tree beads and seed pods this Big Sur jade necklace is earthy and beautiful! This natural sea-polished jade stone is strung on steel wire with sterling silver findings and beads. Coming from the coast of california, quaity jade can be found tumbled by the sea; if your lucky enough to […]


Big Sur Jade Green Butterfly Earrings

Pure translucent Big Sur jade earrings finely crafted into symbolic butterfly wings.  Hand crafted and polished; these earrings are truly top quality jade.  Locally made in Monterey, Ca.  On sterling silver hooks and rings. Than this ointments happy is promotional I nhg pharmacy online henna to feels texturized I fit on orlistat online pharmacy stated […]


Big Sur Jade Blue Butterfly Earrings

Immaculate hand carved and polished Big Sur blue jade earrings symbolizing the beauty of the butterfly and its iconic wings.  Intense rich blue color penetrates these impressive Big Sur jade earrings; a color very rare in the Big Sur area and throughout the world!   These earrings are the best pair of earrings on this […]


Big Sur White Bubble Jade Pendant

If you enjoy large pendants that unmistakably stand out, this may be the Big Sur jade pendant for you.  Irregularly shaped and naturally polished by the mighty Pacific Ocean; a stunningly beautiful Jade specimen.  The rare “bubble” jades form round grape-like nodules of high quality nephrite jade.  An absolutely unique large pendant of Big Sur […]