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Each piece of jade we sell is 100% unique and once it is sold, it's gone forever. If something you like is no longer available (or if you would like something specifically made just for you) please contact us, we do make custom jade jewelry.

Big Sur Jade Beautiful Green Cross Pendant

Very pure, gem quality Big Sur Jade brings warmth and power to this gorgeous cross.  Locally carved and sourced.


Big Sur Jade Green Seashell #002

Truly an amazing shell design carved locally from Big Sur Jade.  Inspired by The Ohlone Native American coastal tribes that once flourished on the central coast of California.  They’re popular form of currency were seashells.  This jade was sourced and carved locally by Ryan Burke of Pacific Grove, Ca


Big Sur Jade Green Oval Pendant

A beautiful Big Sur Green Jade carving; vibrant and meaningful.  Words and pictures can’t fully capture this wonderful carving depth and varied colors.  Truly Unique!!  Strung on waxed black cotton cord.


Big Sur Jade Green Butterfly #002

Monarch Butterflies migrate to the Central Coast of California every year bringing a serene beauty to all who see them.  This is a great carving to represent the social butterfly in you or delicateness and beauty.  Strung on black waxed cotton cord with adjustable sliding knots.


Big Sur Jade Gorgeous Green Circle Pendant

Light pure green Big Sur jade Circle Pendant representing the cycles of nature. Coming with durable black cotton cord with sliding knots for adjustable lengths. Jade Stone Height and Length: 3/4in.


Big Sur Jade Translucent Green Circle Pendant

Beautiful Big Sur Jade pendant hand carved by local artist on durable black cotton cord with sliding knots for length adjustment. Circle Form signifying the cycles of nature. Height and lenth of jade: 3/4in


Big Sur Blue Jade Arrow Point Shape Pendant

A fine peice of Big Sur blue jade locally found and collected. Unbelieveably, this jade stone was not hand shaped! Only the ocean shaped this piece making it a rare sea polished jade stone. The blue colors of this stone are vivid and great to look at under the sun. Resembling a Native American arrow […]


Big Sur Bright Green Sea Polished Jade Gem

A one of a kind bright Big Sur green jade gem strung on U.S.A made cotton cord. Simple, stunning, natural and above all unique! Hand collected Big Sur jade always makes a great gift. This beautiful gem was natually shaped and polished by the ocean and found on the california coastline.


Big Sur Deep Green Sea-Polished Jade Gem Pendant

Naturally sea tumbled jade like this peice does not wash up on shore everday. High quality green nephrite jade is rare and completeley unique due to the natural processes each jade stone goes through. The mighty pacific tumbles, tosses, and polishes the jades of the Big Sur coast into many forms. This pendant is a […]


Big Sur Jade and Abalone Pendant

A beautiful and creative combination of red abalone and Big Sur jade. Colorful, natural, unique; A very nice pendant. Hand collected sea-polished Big Sur jade green gem sets in a vibrant colorful abalone shell that is 1 1/2 inches in length. This pendant is strung on durable waxed cotton cord with sliding knots(adjustable length) and […]


Incredible Big Sur Blue-Green Whale Tail Carving

Living close to the California’s coastline; one notices the migrations of birds and marine life. The migrating whales are spectacular to see. Carved for the awareness of whales, this Big Sur jade whale tail is a symbolic reminder. This beautiful an incredible Big Sur jade piece was locally hand carved and polished and strung on […]


Bright Ice-Green Unique Big Sur Jade Heart

The color of this hand shaped Big Sur jade pendant is worth mentioning! Very seldom seen out of Big Sur; this heart jade pendant’s color is visually stunning. The heart lights up with color due to it’s translucency and quality. On durable usa made waxed brown cotton cord with sliding knots(adjustable length).


Blue-Green Abstract Big Sur Pendant

Big Sur jade; colorful, vibrant, translucent….beautiful! Hand shaped and polished on durable waxed black cotton cord with sliding knots(adjustable length). A nice angular but feminine shaped peice catches the eyes of all who see it. Wearable for all occasions and events. Jade length: 1 1/4in.


Big Sur White Bubble Jade Pendant

If you enjoy large pendants that unmistakably stand out, this may be the Big Sur jade pendant for you.  Irregularly shaped and naturally polished by the mighty Pacific Ocean; a stunningly beautiful Jade specimen.  The rare “bubble” jades form round grape-like nodules of high quality nephrite jade.  An absolutely unique large pendant of Big Sur […]


Big Sur Green Jade Eye Pendant

The eye, a symbol for thousands of years signifying consciousness.   All seeing, all knowing;   The eye will always be a powerful symbol.  Designed around the glowing light blue-green band of jade in the center of this piece, this Big Sur Jade Eye feels alive!  Hand carved and polished, this jade pendant is unique!  On hand […]


Big Sur Jade Pebble Pendant

Sea-polished and lightly hand sanded; a classic form of Big Sur Jade.  Beautiful deep olive green color with raw and totally unique features.  On durable black cotton cord w/ adjustable sliding knots. buy cialis online viagra generic viagra ingredients Used my toning a way not just really easy Chinese, off folks for hyper […]