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Each piece of jade we sell is 100% unique and once it is sold, it's gone forever. If something you like is no longer available (or if you would like something specifically made just for you) please contact us, we do make custom jade jewelry.

Big Sur Jade Gorgeous Green Circle Pendant

Light pure green Big Sur jade Circle Pendant representing the cycles of nature. Coming with durable black cotton cord with sliding knots for adjustable lengths. Jade Stone Height and Length: 3/4in.


Big Sur Jade Translucent Green Circle Pendant

Beautiful Big Sur Jade pendant hand carved by local artist on durable black cotton cord with sliding knots for length adjustment. Circle Form signifying the cycles of nature. Height and lenth of jade: 3/4in


Big Sur Green Jade massage/touch Stone

A fine specimen of green Big Sur jade hand polished and beautifully smooth, this Big Sur jade massage/touch stone features swirling green nephrite jade with many natural indentations giving the stone a unique feel.  Use for massage, display, desk surface, or walk around rubbing your worries into the stone.  A peaceful piece with natural beauty! […]