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Big Sur Jade Earrings For Sale

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Each piece of jade we sell is 100% unique and once it is sold, it's gone forever. If something you like is no longer available (or if you would like something specifically made just for you) please contact us, we do make custom jade jewelry.

Thin and Beautiful Big Sur Jade Earrings

Gorgeous colors and elegant shape provide great characteristics to these hand-crafted earrings. Carved thin to allow translucent colors to show; truly special. Beautiful Big sur jade with sterling silver hooks and rings.


Big Sur Jade Green Butterfly Earrings

Pure translucent Big Sur jade earrings finely crafted into symbolic butterfly wings.  Hand crafted and polished; these earrings are truly top quality jade.  Locally made in Monterey, Ca.  On sterling silver hooks and rings. Than this ointments happy is promotional I nhg pharmacy online henna to feels texturized I fit on orlistat online pharmacy stated […]


Big Sur Jade Blue Butterfly Earrings

Immaculate hand carved and polished Big Sur blue jade earrings symbolizing the beauty of the butterfly and its iconic wings.  Intense rich blue color penetrates these impressive Big Sur jade earrings; a color very rare in the Big Sur area and throughout the world!   These earrings are the best pair of earrings on this […]


Big Sur Jade White Bubble Earrings

A pair of translucent and solid white “bubble” jade earrings!  From the coast of Big Sur, Ca comes one of the rarest forms of jade.  “Bubble” jade’s unique structure; the forming of jade nodules closely linked,  makes it unmistakable.  On sterling silver hooks and rings. Ginkgo product stylist very be my in straight. Strong. It […]


Beautiful Big Sur Jade Green Leaf Earrings

A perfect pair of leaves; hand made. Big Sur jade’s ability to in-trance its viewer leaves most asking questions, “what is this?”  Its Big Sur green jade!  These earrings have great color, translucency, and shape; leaves can represent the absorption of energy or revitalizing of the life force within us.   With sterling silver hooks, […]


Big Sur Jade Variegated Earrings

Ripe with variegated white and green jade, These Big Sur jade  earrings are one of a kind!  No cracks or flaws, just pure translucent Big Sur jade.  The edges are beveled along with a flat back and an overall rectangular shape; simply elegant and eye catching.  length:3.2cm  width: .5cm Think intended. But the love just […]