Fine Jade Jewelry and Jade Stone Art

Jade Quality

After you identify jade and know that it is real you might want to identify its quality.

Jade enthusiasts believe that it is a stone with a soul and can not be compared to diamonds and other precious stones. So what make jade a quality stone?

The quality of jade can be determined by its density, color, translucency, texture, luster and cutting.


The density of jade is one of the main determining factors of its quality.


Jade’s color ranges from green to white, black to blue and various shades of red, orange and yellow just to name a few.

The most desirable colors of jade are the deep emerald greens of imperial jade. White and lavender jade are also highly regarded for their rarity.

Translucency and Transparency

Jade ranges from translucent to near opaque. The highest quality jade is transparent and is compared to the consistency and clarity of honey.


Jade’s texture is another determining factor of its quality. It ranges from fine to coarse. Jade takes on a high polish which gives it a very smooth texture. The highest quality jade is clear and has little to no impurities.


The tone describes the specific quality of a color grade. The most desirable tones are those that give a clarity that is penetrating from a distance.


This determines the cutting and shaping of the stone. Most jade is used in cabochons and carved pieces.

The Most Desirable Jade

  • Even color that is vivid and intense
  • Transparency like Honey
  • Smooth polish
  • Even texture that is free of impurities
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