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Jade Color

When people think of jade they usually visualize a beautiful translucent to opaque green stone.

Jade color can actually vary in its hues of ranging from; pale to forest green, amazing shades of reds, oranges and yellows, the extremely rare violets, white and black, to the fascinating shades of blue that imitate the depths of the oceans.

jade colors

Examples of jades different hues of colors. Jade ranging from various green to red and blue. Image owned by {link:}Pacific Jade Art.{/link}

What does jade”s color represent?

The different colors and hues of jade have been attributed to different meanings throughout the past. Once example comes from ancient China where blue was attributed to the heavens, yellow to the earth, green to the east, red the south while white and black jade were attributed to the north.

Jade has had more mystical qualities attributed to it than any other gem material in history.


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are two different types of Jade, Nephrite and Jadeite, and its color can vary by the stone.

jade color

An example of the many different shades of color that jade can display. Picture copyrighted by {link:}Pacific Jade Art{/link}

Jade Colors and Meanings

What gives jade its color?

Different amounts and types of trace elements that can change the color of jade.

The colors of jade can vary depending on the amount of iron oxide and magnesium.

More iron in jade causes darker color. These can range from dark green, grey-green, red, and black jade. Australian Cowell jade can contain almost 8% iron oxide!

Magnesium rich jade (which has less iron oxide) is lighter in color. These can be white, light green and lavender.

  • Green Jade

    Green JadeThis is the common color visualized when people think of jade. Green jade gets its color from Chromium, an element in all living things.

  • White Jade

    white-jadeWhite Nephrite Jade is 99% tremolite. White Jade has little impurities. White jadeite is very rare. White jade is special and online casinos can be used instead of diamonds in engagement rings for your loved one.

  • Yellow Jade

    Yellow nephrite jade has a small amount of iron oxide. Yellow jade is said to have the element Ta.

  • Red Jade

    red-jadeRed nephrite jade has a large amount of iron oxide. This is what gives red jade its “rusty” color.

  • Black Jade

    black-jadeBlack nephrite jade consists of both iron oxide and graphite. This color of jade can be deep black to a very dark green.

  • Blue Jade

    blue-jadeBlue jade is rare and beautiful. This kind of jade comes from all over the world, the nephrite version commonly found in Big Sur California while the jadeite version now being found in Guatemala. Blue jade was thought to be a symbol of the heavens by the Chinese.

  • Fire Jade

    This is a term given to two different types of jade. Fire jade usually refers to jade that has been used as a cooking stone which gives it a black “burned” look.

  • Vulcan Jade

    Vulcan jade is a rare type of jade that is said to only be found in California. This jade has a coating of iron oxide which gives it a very rusty look. This coating can be red, orange, yellow and brown.


  1. Toni PangQuee

    My partner bought me some ‘Lavender Jade’ – do you know much about this? It looks white but gives off a faint lavender colour when you look closely at the stone. All i know is White Jade is different to Lavender Jade althought at first glance they look the same.
    Could you help?
    Thanks Toni

  2. admin

    Lavender jade is extremely rare. I will do some research on it and post some more information about lavender jade on the site soon.

    Anything specific you are interested in knowing about it?

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  5. guru

    I have brought A lot of jade beads from the market for making jewellery and I have tested it it by burning for about 3 minutes adn the dark color of the jade is now like a smoky green is this the feature of the natural jade when burnt
    As I have tested a dyed jade it turned white as the dye has burnt so the real form appeared

    Please clarify my doubt.


  6. admin

    Hi Guru,

    The method that you state sounds like it would work. I have only burned low quality pieces of jade (in a fire to experiment with how the Native Americans of California cooked with jade) and watched the stone glow red. When I pulled it out of the fire it was completely black.

    Jade DOES burn and would change to a darker color. I would not burn anything of high quality because you are changing the stone but it would be a proper method to test if it is true jade.

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