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Canadian Jade/ British-Columbian Jade

From the 1970′s to present, Canada has been the largest exporter of high quality nephrite jade.  It all starts with Kirk Makepeace; the owner of Canada’s jade mines.  Polar, Ogden, and Kutcho are all names of Kirk’s mining sites; Polar being the most recognized name for nephrite jade because of its quality and translucency.   […]

History of Jade

Starting with the name “Jade”; Spanish conquistadors started wearing the green rocks of the Maya to cure their kidney disease.  They gave the rock remedy the name “piedra de ijada”; translating into “stone of the loins”.  Possibly an error labeling the imported stone to Europe changed the name from “piedra de ijada” to “le Jade”.  […]


Jade is an infamous stone known to many different cultures worldwide. Stone of the Heaven to the Chinese, Pounamu to the Maori, this stone today is actually defined as one of two forms; nephrite and jadeite. Jadeite Jade Jadeite has been used throughout the millennium by many different cultures as weapons and tools. Recently a […]


This is a group of important silicate minerals which are found in many types of igneous and metamorphic rocks. They share a structure which consists of single chains of silica tetrahedra, a type of pyramid, and they crystallize in the monoclinic, one of the 7 lattice point groups of the crystal group, and orthorhombic systems. […]


Jade is a name which is given to two different metamorphic stones, Nephrite and Jadeite. Each of these stones are composed of different silicate minerals. Nephrite jade is the original stone of heaven which has been revered by the Chinese for thousands of years. Nephrite is a variety of a calcium and magnesium-rich amphibole mineral […]

Maori Jade

Maori jade is a common name for the type of jade found in New Zealand that is treasured and carved by the native Maori of the island. The Maori call this jade Pounamu, which not only absorbs the spiritual strength of its wearer, but also has a never ending desire to return to is original […]

Jade Necklace

Like most necklaces, jade necklaces are found through a wide variety of designs. There are jade beads that can be strung like pearls to fit the neck, jade pendants that dangle from chains or ropes, and even a classic Chinese jade necklace consisting of a red string looped through a Bi Pi Disc of jade. […]

Jade Quality

After you identify jade and know that it is real you might want to identify its quality. Jade enthusiasts believe that it is a stone with a soul and can not be compared to diamonds and other precious stones. So what make jade a quality stone? The quality of jade can be determined by its […]

How to Identify Jade

Green is the color frequently brought to the mind when a jade stone is mentioned though few realize that this precious mineral can actually occur in many other colors. This is one quality which makes jade a hard stone to identify. True jade can be one of two different minerals, nephrite and jadeite. Nephrite Nephrite […]

White Jade

In addition to carrying the generic properties of Green Jade, White Jade directs energy in the most constructive way possible. It filters distractions to achieve optimum results and assists in decision-making as it accesses all relevant information. It is the purest jade stone. White jade consists of actinolite which consists of both calcium and magnesium. White […]

Black Jade

Black jade is one of the many colors in which nephrite and jadeite can appear in. This is a popular color with modern jade lovers and the new generation of jade collectors. Black jade is valued today as green jade has been in the past. Kinds of Black Jade There are many different colors in […]

How to Find jade at Jade Cove

The Big Sur area is a wonderful place to get away from the busy life of living in a city. Here is a place which shows the wild side of nature unlike anywhere else on the California coast. This area of the coast is known as ‘where the mountains meet the sea.’ It was known […]

What is Fire Jade?

Fire jade is a reference to two different types of jade. Heated or Burned Jade One type of jade that is called “fire jade” is a piece that has been burned or heated by fire. When jade is heated it turns a glowing hot red. Jade that is tainted by fire will often have visible […]

Big Sur Jade

Check out the Jade Cove page find out more about Big Sur Jade Big Sur Jade: The only concentrated underwater deposit of quality nephrite jade found in the world!  Since the 1960″s, rock hounds and divers have been exploring the cobble beaches and  underwater landscape offered by Big Sur”s dazzling coastline.  Starting with Don Wobber; […]

Jade Rings

Jade rings (or “Yuhuan” in Chinese) are a symbol of eternal and everlasting love. Jade is the perfect material for rings. For the best display of jade rings we suggest looking for jade with gold or white gold. The addition of diamonds also help this gemstone stone shine. Some of the best looking rings with […]

Green Jade

Green jade symbolizes calmness and serenity, just as many green objects in nature do. Like a meadow or forest, green jade is thought as a channel for one to release negative thoughts and welcome positivity and harmony to the mind and body. Green jade is the most common type of jade. Ranging from a plethora […]

Blue Jade

In China blue jade was considered a symbol of the Heavens. In a literal sense, comparing blue jade to the Heavens is an accurate description because humans relate the blue sky to an idea of heaven. Due to the glow of blue jade the stone appears ethereal, which suggests a heavenly quality in the stone. Blue […]

Red Jade

Red jade is the most passionate and stimulating of the various jade colors. It is constructively associated with love and releasing negative energy. In addition to carrying the same generic properties to jade, it accesses anger, releasing tension so that it can be harnessed creatively and can enhance assertion in timid people. However, it is […]

Chinese Jade

Jade has been revered in China for thousands of years. Chinese jade is any jade object produced in China. Jade objects have been recovered by Archaeologists that date as far back as the Neolithic period (as early as 5000 BC). Jade can be found among the very foundations of the Chinese culture and is known […]

Jade Color

When people think of jade they usually visualize a beautiful translucent to opaque green stone. Jade color can actually vary in its hues of ranging from; pale to forest green, amazing shades of reds, oranges and yellows, the extremely rare violets, white and black, to the fascinating shades of blue that imitate the depths of […]

What is Jade?

“In ancient times,” said Confucius, “men found the likeness of all excellent qualities in jade. Soft, smooth, and glossy, it appeared to them like benevolence; fine, compact and strong – like intelligence; angular, but not sharp and cutting – like righteousness.” What is Jade? Jade is a stone of immense beauty and of many uses. […]